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Friends are so important to our life. You trust them with things that mean a lot to you. Friends can suprise you in good and bad ways, and sometimes friends end up being people that you would least expect.

The best quality in a friend is defenitly trust. If a friendship doesn’t have trust then it won’t last long. If I tell my best friend a secret and I find out from someone else that they betrayed me and told someone, I will be really angry and probreably get in a fight.

Trust your friends in order to be trusted by them

What do you think the best quality in a friend is?

Middle School Retreat Review


At our school, the middle school retreat is a time when grade 6,7 and 8 usual go to a sleep away camp for a few days but because of covid we had to do differnt things instead. On the first day we did an obstacle course. The second day we went white water rafting and on the third day was activities.

My favorite part was the white rafting because I love swimming and water. I loved hanging out with my friends and eating lunch on a rock at the base of a waterfall. But I also disliked the wetsuits we had to wear.

This year i will participate in the yearbook and maybe run for class representative (class president).

Have you every been white water rafting?

Tell me yours stories

Thank you for reading this post!

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