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Mes vacance


Pour les vacances d’hiver, je suis allé au Mexique. Au mexique, ma chambre d’hôtel avait une  terrasse avec un jacuzzi pour huit personnes. J’ai aimé la jacuzzi. J’ai vu un pélican. Je n’ai pas vu la méduse qui m’a piquer, mais je l’ai senti.  Le recours a eu un parc aquatique. J’ai tenu un perroquet. […]

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Hebrew Prayer


“Modeh Ani” a hebrew prayer means “thank you god for returning my soul and giving another day of life.”  I think this means to be thank you for my health. “Torah torah” another hebrew prayer means “Thank you for the gift of the torah and handing it down to us”. If you don’t know what […]

Quotes YAY!


The quote I’ve chosen is…   -“If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with rain.” This quote is written by: Dolly Parton. I think this quote means that if you want the good thing you have to earn it.

Treacher Collins Syndrome


My last and final task I chose to do is to write a research project. The syndrome I’m writing about is Treacher Collins Syndrome. It’s the syndrome that August in the book “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio has. The main character in the novel “Wonder” by: R.J Palacio suffers from a condition called Treacher Collins Syndrome […]

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