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Winter Break


I am looking forward to the winter break because I get to spend time with my family with no homework. But this year my sister needs to get vaccinated so I am not going anywhere. The cold weather is annoying but the snow is pretty. I don’t know what I am going to do during the break but I am very excited for some relaxing time for monopoly!

Winter Break | School District 8 Kootenay Lake

Thanks And Graditude


Dear My Mom,

Thank you for all you do, raising me and helping me become a

smart and strong young lady.

Thank you for always listening to me even if I am speaking pure craziness.

I will love you for everything because of that.

I also appreciate the times when you try to help me even if you

don’t believe me for telling the truth.

Thank you so very much


How to Show Gratitude and Give Thanks

Keeping Myself In High Spirits


When I am in low spirits I like to talk to my mom because she understands me and is good with understanding my problem and helping me think of sullotions but if I am in a situation were I CAN’T talk to my mom, I like to write songs like I wrote in the past on my blog. I also like to go for a walk or make a craft.


What gives you happiness?

What keeps you in high spirits?

Thank you for reading this blog post



34 Best Happy Quotes - Quotes to Make You Happy

Happiness is such an important part of my life.

Things that make me happy include reading, going on bike rides, making snow angles, hanging out with my sister but the thing that makes me happiest is…….Writing songs!

I know it sounds weird but whatever I can’t express in words I can on paper, and instead of just writing a letter to no one in particular, I write songs.

So far, I have written ten songs about a bunch of different things. I write about not wanting to grow up, dancing, the earth, my sister, a holiday, a special person to me, being brave and much more.


What makes you happiest?

Is it similar to mine or totally different?

Thank you for reading this blog post

Me In Numbers


In math class, my classmates and I had to create a slide about our selves but only to explain using math and numbers.

This is my slide:

Thank you for reading this post


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