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A Book That Will Change Your Life


Here is a book that will change your life…. no, litterally! The book is called inside out and back again by Thanhha Lai. This book is about a girl in the Vietnam war escaping to Alabama. The girls name is Kim Ha and she has three older brothers. Her dad abandoned her when she was little so she only has her mom to take care of her.

This book changed my life because I did not know how hard these people were living in that time and it scared me to think of all the people who didn’t manage to escape.

Maybe if you read this book you will learn something too

Middle School Retreat Review


At our school, the middle school retreat is a time when grade 6,7 and 8 usual go to a sleep away camp for a few days but because of covid we had to do differnt things instead. On the first day we did an obstacle course. The second day we went white water rafting and on the third day was activities.

My favorite part was the white rafting because I love swimming and water. I loved hanging out with my friends and eating lunch on a rock at the base of a waterfall. But I also disliked the wetsuits we had to wear.

This year i will participate in the yearbook and maybe run for class representative (class president).

Have you every been white water rafting?

Tell me yours stories

Thank you for reading this post!

The Best Moment Of My Life


My class is learning all about sensory writing.

Sensory writing is really important to incorporate into your stories, paraghraphs, etc. because it helps the reader imagine what you are trying to explain and it helps the reader picture the setting.

If I were to redo this assignment, I would try to make the writing longer and extend the paraghraphs.

Here is my picture and my sensory writing

My Drawing

I had no idea where my parents were taking me that day. The suspense was overtaking me and I felt worried for what was to come. Was I walking into a trap or were they leading me to the most wonderful place I will ever go to? My parents refused to tell me where we were going which only fed my anticipation. The car slowed to a stop in a vacant parking lot, all I saw were willow trees around us. As I slowly stepped out of the car and my parents told me to walk through a path nearby. When I reached the other side of the trees I was flabbergasted with the sight. 

I found myself standing on the beach, gazing at the outstanding sunset with a mix of yellow, orange and purple. The sun was low in the sky as if it was playing a game of hide and seek. The sun reflected on the waves that were crashing against the shore line, then very slowly creeping its way back to the water, creating a soothing noise. The air smelled like smoke from a hut in the distance. I could just imagine a family roasting marshmallows over a bonfire fire as they told scary stories. The sand was very soft on my feet as if I were standing on a pill of feathers. The sand was molding my feet making it a reasonable thing to decide to stand rather than sit. The taste of sea salt on my lips created the illusion that I was swimming in the water. As i sat down on the sand i could feel the warmth overfilling me. I could tell already that this was hands down, the best moment of my life!

I hope you enjoyed this story

Have you ever been to an outstanding place?

If so where? What happened while you were there? What were your feelings about the sight?

New Picture


I made this picture on PicMonkey. I love cats as you may have seen on me About Me page. Hope you like this picture. Which animal do you like better Cats or Dogs?




In my avatar my hair is sort of gold, but in real life my hair is blonde at the tips, I have a darker blonde higher up on my head and at the top of my hair is brown. In my avatar my eyes are brown just like in real life. I love blue and that’s why my shirt is blue. I’m usually smiling. I am a really happy person.

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