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The Best Moment Of My Life


My class is learning all about sensory writing.

Sensory writing is really important to incorporate into your stories, paraghraphs, etc. because it helps the reader imagine what you are trying to explain and it helps the reader picture the setting.

If I were to redo this assignment, I would try to make the writing longer and extend the paraghraphs.

Here is my picture and my sensory writing

My Drawing

I had no idea where my parents were taking me that day. The suspense was overtaking me and I felt worried for what was to come. Was I walking into a trap or were they leading me to the most wonderful place I will ever go to? My parents refused to tell me where we were going which only fed my anticipation. The car slowed to a stop in a vacant parking lot, all I saw were willow trees around us. As I slowly stepped out of the car and my parents told me to walk through a path nearby. When I reached the other side of the trees I was flabbergasted with the sight. 

I found myself standing on the beach, gazing at the outstanding sunset with a mix of yellow, orange and purple. The sun was low in the sky as if it was playing a game of hide and seek. The sun reflected on the waves that were crashing against the shore line, then very slowly creeping its way back to the water, creating a soothing noise. The air smelled like smoke from a hut in the distance. I could just imagine a family roasting marshmallows over a bonfire fire as they told scary stories. The sand was very soft on my feet as if I were standing on a pill of feathers. The sand was molding my feet making it a reasonable thing to decide to stand rather than sit. The taste of sea salt on my lips created the illusion that I was swimming in the water. As i sat down on the sand i could feel the warmth overfilling me. I could tell already that this was hands down, the best moment of my life!

I hope you enjoyed this story

Have you ever been to an outstanding place?

If so where? What happened while you were there? What were your feelings about the sight?

Egghead Book Reveiw


In school, my class has been reading “Egghead”. A novel written by Caroline Pignat. It is an award winning book and one of the best books I have read. For the final review project I choose to do a comic strip. The reason I choose this specific artifact is because I love art and I love to read comic books so I felt that this was a good choice for me. 



Comic Strips 1-5

Comic Strips 6-9

I had to put three quotes into the comic strips. The first one I choose is in comic strip #1 in the third box “Mop to aisle 2…”. The reason I chose this quote is because it shows how Shane talks to Will and that he likes making fun of people. The second quote I chose is in comic strip #5, in the second box. The quote is “You little bastard” and the reason I chose this quote is to show how Riley, Shane’s step-father treats him. The third quote I chose is in the third box of the seventh comic strip. The quote is “even with a tape burn” and I chose this quote because it shows exactly what Devan said to Katie and ended up saying something hurtful.

I choose these scenes because in my opinion they are the most important scenes in the book. The first scene I choose is “To Will’s Surprise” and the reason I choose this scene is because it is the part of the book that started the whole domino effect. It shows the one who gets bullied (Will or as the bully’s call him Egghead) is standing in the hallway with only his underpants on. The second comic strip shows Shane, the bully with a huge bruise on his back. The third comic strip shows Katie getting run into by Devan, but I didn’t show Devan until the third box. The fourth comic strip has two scenes in it.The first one is Shane holding Will up against the lockers and the second scene is Katie standing up for Will but then Devan stops her from getting really badly hurt. 

The fifth strip is about Shane, the bully, getting bullied by his step-dad, Riley. The sixth comic strip shows how all of Will’s hard work gets destroyed by Shane and his friend, Brad. The seventh comic strip is about Devan talking to Katie about how he feels, but it ends up with him saying something he regrets. The eighth strip shows Devan and Will meeting each other in the weirdest place possible, at the hospital. And the last comic strip is Devan asking Katie out on a date to a restaurant, Mexicasa. I feel that all of these scenes are really important in this book because they explain all of the characters in different ways. They show the perspective from the bullied, the bully and the defender.

If I were to change anything about this project I would definitely change how I prepared for this project. I feel like I could have done much better in this project by maybe putting the comic on a better type of paper or/and I could have changed the speech bubbles. From this book I learned about friendship, bullying and feeling in the right position. It also taught me about what it feels like to get bullied daily, to be friends with the bullied and have to deal with their problems and concerns, and to be friends with the bully and not feel like you are doing the right thing but get bullied if you don’t help bullying.

Have you ever read “Egghead”?

Thank you for reading my blog post

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