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Happiness is such an important part of my life. Things that make me happy include reading, going on bike rides, making snow angles, hanging out with my sister but the thing that makes me happiest is…….Writing songs! I know it sounds weird but whatever I can’t express in words I can on paper, and instead […]

Project Sur Le Gymnastics/Gymnastics Project


En français, nous devions faire une affiche sur un sport. Moi et ma partenaire, Mia, avons choisi la gymnastique. Nous avons parlé des règles, des équipes, des types, des gens comme, Simone Biles, et des faits. Voici les photos de notre projet/here are the pictures of our poster: Translation: In french, we had to make […]

A Book That Will Change Your Life


Here is a book that will change your life…. no, litterally! The book is called inside out and back again by Thanhha Lai. This book is about a girl in the Vietnam war escaping to Alabama. The girls name is Kim Ha and she has three older brothers. Her dad abandoned her when she was […]



Friends are so important to our life. You trust them with things that mean a lot to you. Friends can suprise you in good and bad ways, and sometimes friends end up being people that you would least expect. The best quality in a friend is defenitly trust. If a friendship doesn’t have trust then […]

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