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Friends are so important to our life. You trust them with things that mean a lot to you. Friends can suprise you in good and bad ways, and sometimes friends end up being people that you would least expect.

The best quality in a friend is defenitly trust. If a friendship doesn’t have trust then it won’t last long. If I tell my best friend a secret and I find out from someone else that they betrayed me and told someone, I will be really angry and probreably get in a fight.

Trust your friends in order to be trusted by them

What do you think the best quality in a friend is?

Middle School Retreat Review


At our school, the middle school retreat is a time when grade 6,7 and 8 usual go to a sleep away camp for a few days but because of covid we had to do differnt things instead. On the first day we did an obstacle course. The second day we went white water rafting and on the third day was activities.

My favorite part was the white rafting because I love swimming and water. I loved hanging out with my friends and eating lunch on a rock at the base of a waterfall. But I also disliked the wetsuits we had to wear.

This year i will participate in the yearbook and maybe run for class representative (class president).

Have you every been white water rafting?

Tell me yours stories

Thank you for reading this post!



Here is my first ever memoir. I wrote this memoir about my first experience in the hospital and my first impressioin. This was a life changing expeirience for me and that is why I choose to write about it. The lesson in this memoir is that finding the positive in every moment can influence your insight on this moment. Wether it is a horrible moment that effects your life or something that isn’t that bad but still effects you. Finding the good helps coping with really bad parts in your life.

Hope you enjoy




Have you ever felt like you have no control over your body? Like every movement takes a lot of concentration and even when you try you end up doing things you can’t control it. The first time it happened to me, was a very normal day but that changed quickly. 


It was my mom’s birthday and we decided to go to the park because it was a beautiful day. I went over to the monkey bars. We had only been at the park for ten minutes when I thought of doing something else but as soon as my feet touched the ground I felt a chill go up my back. I instantly started to panic. Running towards my mom was like running with ten thousand weights attached to my leg. Every movement felt like running a marathon. 

As soon as words came out of my mouth as I started to explain to my mom what happened, she asked me to take a deep breath and slowly repeat what happened. “I was just on the monkey bars and now I feel like I can’t feel my legs anymore. Every movement is like running a ten mile run. And now I am really really scared that my leg is going to fall off,” I said. “Your leg won’t fall off but I think we have to go home. And if it is still bad in the morning we have to go to the hospital,” she responded. 

I hated hearing the word “hospital”. It makes me instantly get anxious and start rethinking where I could have gone wrong but the only thing that came to mind was not having such annoying problems but I couldn’t change that. 

Back at my house, I couldn’t go anywhere, but having your sibling help you with everything wasn’t that bad. On our way home from the park we stopped by a friend’s house and they gave me crutches which I was surprisingly excited about because I have never had crutches before. 

Anyway, by the time the morning came around, the 4 out of ten in my leg became an 8. So as you can guess, off to the hospital I went. It was raining as my dad drove me to the hospital.. of course! 


The hospital was scary. It was really tall so it felt like it was staring down on me as if to say “you have problems so you will be here for the rest of your life”. I couldn’t help but imagine me in my eighties still in the hospital and that sent a spider crawl feeling up my back. 

Although I knew that this wasn’t such a big deal, I kept hearing voices in my head saying things like “maybe she had a stroke,” or “maybe she will lose feeling for the rest of her life,” and none of those made me feel better. 

My dad helped me out of the car then I very slowly limped my way to the emergency entrance. I have never felt more overwhelmed in my whole entire life. The air smelt of barf and medicine. In the distance I could hear babies crying. There were a dozen chairs in the corner. Up ahead was a person behind plexiglass and a short hallway in the back that led to a weird looking room. There were child-ish drawings on the walls but even with all the cool things, it was too empty and it felt kind of strange. 

My dad shoved me towards the lady behind the desk. The lady said, “hello what is the emergency today?” My dad responded with a very short response, “My daughter has lost feeling in her leg. It started yesterday.” Because of COVID she had to ask some safety questions. 

When she was done she sent us to the strange room in the back which weirdly looked like a bathroom. There was a sink and a mirror. But there were tubes in the back of the room that were contracted to a huge bag. There were two ladies in the room. There were both wearing gowns and one was on a computer and the other was holding the bag. She put the bag on my arm and it instantly started to squeeze my arm making me feel like a deflated balloon. The nice lady said that this was a blood test and that it was only to check my blood flow. They sent me and my dad into a hospital room.


The next two hours went by so fast. There were two people who kept making me do these tests for how I can walk, and I failed all of the tests. Then this lady walked in and said she was going to give me an IV. I thought this sounded cool until they shoved a tube into my vein. I threw up because I get nauseous very easily. I went to get an MRI so at least I got to watch Despicable Me. The MRI was 2 hours of laying in the exact same position. Way too long to go without any movement at all. 


It felt like ten hours had passed but my dad said it was only five. I had to take 4 tests, 1 very long MRI, an IV stuck up my arm (which by the way, was still in my arm). This nurse walked in and told me they had to do another test, and I made a very funny joke to make me feel better. Finally they asked if I wanted anything to eat. I got to order a chocolate chip muffin, a bowl of fruit loops and apple juice (which I don’t actually like and makes me wonder why I ordered it). The froot loops tasted amazing since I don’t get to have sugary cereal a lot. The muffin tasted like whole wheat bread with chocolate chips inside of it. Overall, I hate hospital food. At least I got to eat things with sugar in them is what I thought was what my dad was trying to do to help me cope with the fact that I was in a hospital

Throughout the 6 hours I was at the hospital, I threw-up about 12 times. My mom finally came at around hour number 7, so that my dad could rest a bit. 


After 8 hours of pure torture, I finally was sent home. I never felt so happy to see my couch. All I could remember from the rest of the night was flopping on the couch. My family having dinner and then my dad carrying me to bed. 

In the morning, I thought of this whole experience but then it just dawned on me that I have a coping method…. I like to think of the positive in every moment. Whether it is thinking of my sister finally helping me with everything, or making the nurse laugh. The good things help you get through the tough moments. So after all that I went through these past two day it wouldn’t be such a horrible thing if I had to go to the hospital again. As long as I get sugary cereal, I am fine!

I hope you liked this memoir.

Can you relate to this moment? What was your first impression of the hospital? When have you ever thought of the positive in a bad moment?

The Best Moment Of My Life


My class is learning all about sensory writing.

Sensory writing is really important to incorporate into your stories, paraghraphs, etc. because it helps the reader imagine what you are trying to explain and it helps the reader picture the setting.

If I were to redo this assignment, I would try to make the writing longer and extend the paraghraphs.

Here is my picture and my sensory writing

My Drawing

I had no idea where my parents were taking me that day. The suspense was overtaking me and I felt worried for what was to come. Was I walking into a trap or were they leading me to the most wonderful place I will ever go to? My parents refused to tell me where we were going which only fed my anticipation. The car slowed to a stop in a vacant parking lot, all I saw were willow trees around us. As I slowly stepped out of the car and my parents told me to walk through a path nearby. When I reached the other side of the trees I was flabbergasted with the sight. 

I found myself standing on the beach, gazing at the outstanding sunset with a mix of yellow, orange and purple. The sun was low in the sky as if it was playing a game of hide and seek. The sun reflected on the waves that were crashing against the shore line, then very slowly creeping its way back to the water, creating a soothing noise. The air smelled like smoke from a hut in the distance. I could just imagine a family roasting marshmallows over a bonfire fire as they told scary stories. The sand was very soft on my feet as if I were standing on a pill of feathers. The sand was molding my feet making it a reasonable thing to decide to stand rather than sit. The taste of sea salt on my lips created the illusion that I was swimming in the water. As i sat down on the sand i could feel the warmth overfilling me. I could tell already that this was hands down, the best moment of my life!

I hope you enjoyed this story

Have you ever been to an outstanding place?

If so where? What happened while you were there? What were your feelings about the sight?

Egghead Book Reveiw


In school, my class has been reading “Egghead”. A novel written by Caroline Pignat. It is an award winning book and one of the best books I have read. For the final review project I choose to do a comic strip. The reason I choose this specific artifact is because I love art and I love to read comic books so I felt that this was a good choice for me. 



Comic Strips 1-5

Comic Strips 6-9

I had to put three quotes into the comic strips. The first one I choose is in comic strip #1 in the third box “Mop to aisle 2…”. The reason I chose this quote is because it shows how Shane talks to Will and that he likes making fun of people. The second quote I chose is in comic strip #5, in the second box. The quote is “You little bastard” and the reason I chose this quote is to show how Riley, Shane’s step-father treats him. The third quote I chose is in the third box of the seventh comic strip. The quote is “even with a tape burn” and I chose this quote because it shows exactly what Devan said to Katie and ended up saying something hurtful.

I choose these scenes because in my opinion they are the most important scenes in the book. The first scene I choose is “To Will’s Surprise” and the reason I choose this scene is because it is the part of the book that started the whole domino effect. It shows the one who gets bullied (Will or as the bully’s call him Egghead) is standing in the hallway with only his underpants on. The second comic strip shows Shane, the bully with a huge bruise on his back. The third comic strip shows Katie getting run into by Devan, but I didn’t show Devan until the third box. The fourth comic strip has two scenes in it.The first one is Shane holding Will up against the lockers and the second scene is Katie standing up for Will but then Devan stops her from getting really badly hurt. 

The fifth strip is about Shane, the bully, getting bullied by his step-dad, Riley. The sixth comic strip shows how all of Will’s hard work gets destroyed by Shane and his friend, Brad. The seventh comic strip is about Devan talking to Katie about how he feels, but it ends up with him saying something he regrets. The eighth strip shows Devan and Will meeting each other in the weirdest place possible, at the hospital. And the last comic strip is Devan asking Katie out on a date to a restaurant, Mexicasa. I feel that all of these scenes are really important in this book because they explain all of the characters in different ways. They show the perspective from the bullied, the bully and the defender.

If I were to change anything about this project I would definitely change how I prepared for this project. I feel like I could have done much better in this project by maybe putting the comic on a better type of paper or/and I could have changed the speech bubbles. From this book I learned about friendship, bullying and feeling in the right position. It also taught me about what it feels like to get bullied daily, to be friends with the bullied and have to deal with their problems and concerns, and to be friends with the bully and not feel like you are doing the right thing but get bullied if you don’t help bullying.

Have you ever read “Egghead”?

Thank you for reading my blog post

Covid-19 Time Capsule


In this coronavirus time I haven’t been doing much, but I’m doing enough to keep me stimulated.

I like to roller blade and go on my trampoline. I love doing tricks like flips, fronthand springs, handstands, cartwheels and so much more. I also like to play with my sister in our backyard. During the day from 8:45am to 3:45pm My and my sister have online school. We have a whole schedule. We have math class, language arts, french, hebrew, gym, art, music, judaics and we even have some games and activities. We have lunch breaks in the middle of the day. Me and my sister and my parents like to bike, walk, or rollerblade to a very big parking lot were my and my sister let out all of our energy. We act like we are insane. Then we go back to my house take a snack and heed up to our rooms and we continue our day of learning. Most days the wifi gives up on me and everything is so slow. If I see tat low wifi sign again I will go crazy.  am reading an amazing book right now called “The Land of Stories” by Chris Colfer. I don’t think I have ever loved a book more than this book. When I am not in school and I am not outside.. I am on my bed reading this book. If the weather was better maybe I would like this time more but so far my dream is not coming true. It was hard for my sister to realise she liked having her birthday in quarantine, but in the end she had a blast. We had a unicorn pinata and a mint-chocolate chip ice cream cake.

Are you and your siblings are getting along as well as me and my sister are?

Do you do any other activities in this time that I didn’t share?

Do you have online school?

Did your b-day this year happen in quarantine?

Thank you for reading my blog post.

Innovation Day Reflection


Blah blah blah pupils blah blah blah eyes blah blah the eye doctor blah blah blah blah blah depth perception blah blah blah blah blah… I hear this and think to myself why am I letting my parents get away with talking about stuff I don’t know about. When I was a baby if they wanted to say something without me understanding what they are saying so they started off with saying each letter, but then I learned how to read and how things are spelled and 8 years later they still don’t want me to know so the do it this way. What is this? I need to figure out what all of this means. So I did a project on it. On March 5, it was Innovation Day. Myself and my partner ( this is her blog) did our project on “A Bionic Eye”. What is Innovation day you ask? Well innovation day is a day of creativity. My school has a contest (sort of) were grade 6,7, and 8 make a science related project, experiment or problem in the world and they compete to win. This is my schools version of a science fair. Our project went really well. We found lots of information. we even did a survey and the results were incredible. We did lots of research on “depth perception”, “angles”, and “the pupil”. We made a model of the human eye. On Innovation day we presented our project to our parents and our classmates parents. I am satisfied with the work I put on the board, but I feel I could have done better by putting I bit more information about how someone could use this bionic eye. I look forward to making an online replica of this bionic eye. I might even keep researching this project so my parents won’t have an advantage.


Thank you for reading my blog and please check out my partners blog. I would love to hear your versions of a science fair and if you think Innovation is cool.

Quotes YAY!


The quote I’ve chosen is…

  -“If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with rain.”

This quote is written by: Dolly Parton.

I think this quote means that if you want the good thing you have to earn it.

Treacher Collins Syndrome


My last and final task I chose to do is to write a research project. The syndrome I’m writing about is Treacher Collins Syndrome. It’s the syndrome that August in the book “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio has.

The main character in the novel “Wonder” by: R.J Palacio suffers from a condition called Treacher Collins Syndrome (TCS). Like most people with this condition, Auggie is normal in every way except in his face and head.


Treacher Collins is a genetic disorder made up of deformities of the ears, eyes, chin and cheekbones. It is also known as Mandibulofacial Dysostosis. Some cases are mild, others are severe. It was discovered by Edward Treacher Collins in 1900 in England. He was an ophthalmologist. (


Treacher Collins Syndrome is a genetic disease. It is autosomal dominant, but only 40% of cases are inherited from parent to child. The other 60% are totally random new mutations (like Auggie). TCS happens when a gene (usually TCOF1), which is found on chromosome 5 in the 5q32 region. has some sort of mistake when being made. This gene provides instructions for making a protein called treacle. Treacle is an important protein in the development of the bones and tissues of the face. ( This condition affects approximately 1 in 50,000 people. 


The signs (objective, visible) of TCS are all in the face area. One main sign is underdeveloped cheekbones and floor of the eye socket. A very small lower jaw/chin can lead to breathing problems. Another noticeable feature is the unusual shape of the ears, which are also small and misplaced. This may result in hearing loss. The next sign is down-slanted eyes and this may result in vision loss. People with this syndrome can also have cleft palate. (


Some of the symptoms (subjective, non-visible) of the TCS are anxiety and depression. Children may also suffer from social phobia (when they are scared of what people will think of their face) so they try to avoid being around other people. (


Treacher Collins Syndrome is not curable. There are some treatments that can improve the life of people with TCS. One of the treatments is plastic surgery to make face structures more normal. Usually this happens once the cheek and eye socket bones are developed, around 5-7 years old. Other surgeries can correct cleft palate, but are usually done on babies (9 to 12 months old). Jaw problems are corrected later, usually done on late teenagers (16 years old). The last kinds of surgeries can improve hearing and vision problems. Other kinds of treatments help children live with this syndrome. There is speech therapy and hearing aids if needed for a specific kid. They may also need psychologists or social workers to help with the feelings their having. (


Auggie from Wonder is perfectly normal besides the signs and symptoms of Treacher Collins Syndrome. He had 27 surgeries in his life and he has hearing aids. On the good side he was really smart and has a kind and funny personality. Unfortunately he has to suffer from the mean words and actions others give him. That’s why he is a perfect example of a person living with treacher Collins Syndrome.

Here are some pictures of people with treacher Collins Syndrome.

This is a picture of a child with Treacher Collins Syndrome. I found this picture here.

This is a picture of August in the movie. I found this picture here

Thank you for reading my post. Hope you learned something. I can’t wait to read your blogs and comment on them.

Do you know anything more about Treacher Collins Syndrome? Do you know any other syndromes like this one?

Wonder Words


For my second task I am doing make your own word search. Here is my word search I made on word search maker.

Hope you like it…

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Thank you for reading my post. Can’t wait to read your blogs and comment. Bye!

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