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Space Shuttles


In science, my class has been learning about space. We had to make a 3-D model of a space shuttle using this website called Tinkercad. It is a 3-D designing software that helps you design anything you would like in a fun way. We had to use Tinkercad to design a space shuttle that we named and designed ourselves and our school will vote for their favourite design. This is the space shuttle I designed and the name of it is “Universe”:

When I started designing my space shuttle on Tinkercad, I accidentally started designing a rocket ship instead of what I was supposed to be designing so that made me extremely aggravated. I then deleted EVERYTHING and then started from scratch. 

I have never used Tinkercad before and I think that now I know how to use this website that I will be able to accomplish other assignments in different classes with much more interest. 

I think for next time the only thing I could make more interesting was the creativity of my name choice, and the detailing I put into my actual design. 

Thank you for reading my post and have you ever designed a space shuttle before?

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My Radical Rocket


In school my class was working on the unit of flight. We learned about lift, gravity/weight, drag and thrust. For a fun activity we had to make a rocket. I named mine “Lightening Fast”.

I love how my rocket turned out. After everyone in my class made their rocket we had a rocket launch to see who’s went the farthest and so we could see how that person made their rocket (design, additions, weight, e.t.c).

In this assignment I learned about the four forces of flight, the four properties of air and about Bernoulli’s principal (the faster a gas moves the less pressure it contains)

To explain my rocket I made a video:

As I said in the video, the front of my rocket wasn’t as good as i would have hoped for but there is always a second chance. I feel like my rocket is very aerodynamic because I made all of those alterations. It wouldn’t have been as good if i didn’t make those changes.

Hopefully you liked this blog post

Have you ever made a rocket before? And if yes, how did you launch it?

Thank you for checking out this blog


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Innovation Day Reflection


Blah blah blah pupils blah blah blah eyes blah blah the eye doctor blah blah blah blah blah depth perception blah blah blah blah blah… I hear this and think to myself why am I letting my parents get away with talking about stuff I don’t know about. When I was a baby if they wanted to say something without me understanding what they are saying so they started off with saying each letter, but then I learned how to read and how things are spelled and 8 years later they still don’t want me to know so the do it this way. What is this? I need to figure out what all of this means. So I did a project on it. On March 5, it was Innovation Day. Myself and my partner ( this is her blog) did our project on “A Bionic Eye”. What is Innovation day you ask? Well innovation day is a day of creativity. My school has a contest (sort of) were grade 6,7, and 8 make a science related project, experiment or problem in the world and they compete to win. This is my schools version of a science fair. Our project went really well. We found lots of information. we even did a survey and the results were incredible. We did lots of research on “depth perception”, “angles”, and “the pupil”. We made a model of the human eye. On Innovation day we presented our project to our parents and our classmates parents. I am satisfied with the work I put on the board, but I feel I could have done better by putting I bit more information about how someone could use this bionic eye. I look forward to making an online replica of this bionic eye. I might even keep researching this project so my parents won’t have an advantage.


Thank you for reading my blog and please check out my partners blog. I would love to hear your versions of a science fair and if you think Innovation is cool.

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