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Wonder Words


For my second task I am doing make your own word search. Here is my word search I made on word search maker. Hope you like it… Thank you for reading my post. Can’t wait to read your blogs and comment. Bye!

Wonder pros and Cons


In class we are working tasks based on the novel “Wonder” written by R.J. Palacio. One of the tasks I’ve chosen is to make a t-chart of the pros and cons of the main character (Auggie/August) going to school. At the bottom of the page is my decision on if he should’ve went or he […]



An idiom of my choice is “A rip-off” The literal meaning of this “ to rip something off something else.” The figurative meaning is “something being too expensive for the quality of the item.” Here is my picture for its literal meaning…

Fiction or Non-Fiction


    The Pirate, The Princess and Me The Rat      In class we read a short story in a Literacy book called “The Pirate, The Princess and Me The Rat.”  Linda Bailey wrote this. I think that this story is a fictional story because I found three reasons in the story. Reason #1 is on page […]

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