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  About Me


Hi my name is Audrey. I’m a girl in grade 5. 

I love cats… wait no I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE cat’s. Unfortunately I can’t get one because my sister and mother are allergic to them. ERGHUNSHNUF. My mom said I could get a cat when I move out of my house (that I live in right now). 

I love to dance. It is my favorite activity to do after school. I like tap and contemporary ( lyrical ).  I have been doing tap for six years and contemporary for two years. 

A few of my hobbies are to draw, paint, shade and colour. I love to draw just like my dad. My dad can make really crazy things. He drew a picture of Wayne Gretzky.

I love to travel.  I have been to so many different places. I went to Florida, Mexico, Philadelphia, on a  Disney cruise, Lake Erie and Atlantic City.

What do you like to do after school? Where have you been?

I am really excited to see all of your blogs and hope you comment on mine.

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