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Wonder pros and Cons


In class we are working tasks based on the novel “Wonder” written by R.J. Palacio. One of the tasks I’ve chosen is to make a t-chart of the pros and cons of the main character (Auggie/August) going to school. At the bottom of the page is my decision on if he should’ve went or he should not go. Here is my t-chart…

I think that it was good for Auggie to go to school because he grew as a person. He made friends who were nice to him (well, most of the time). He also experienced what it feels like to be a normal kid. Finally near the end of the book he was accepted by his classmates and some kids in his school. Auggie felt that he shouldn’t be embarrassed about his face like he used to and he didn’t have to hang his head low.

The story also wouldn’t have been interesting without him going to school!

Thank you for reading my post. I can’t wait to comment on your blogs and read your amazing

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