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Here is my first ever memoir. I wrote this memoir about my first experience in the hospital and my first impressioin. This was a life changing expeirience for me and that is why I choose to write about it. The lesson in this memoir is that finding the positive in every moment can influence your […]

The Best Moment Of My Life


My class is learning all about sensory writing. Sensory writing is really important to incorporate into your stories, paraghraphs, etc. because it helps the reader imagine what you are trying to explain and it helps the reader picture the setting. If I were to redo this assignment, I would try to make the writing longer […]

Animated Film


Me and my friend Sasha found and animated video and recorded our voices on top of the video. The voice over is in Hebrew because it was for a Hebrew class.                                                    […]

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Space Shuttles


In science, my class has been learning about space. We had to make a 3-D model of a space shuttle using this website called Tinkercad. It is a 3-D designing software that helps you design anything you would like in a fun way. We had to use Tinkercad to design a space shuttle that we […]

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Equality and Equity


In social studies, me and my classmates have been learning about children’s rights with childrens first canada and then we started talking about two different ways to make people feel welcome. The first is equality and the second is equity. Me and my friend Mara made a video explaining the differences between equity and equality, what […]

My Radical Rocket


In school my class was working on the unit of flight. We learned about lift, gravity/weight, drag and thrust. For a fun activity we had to make a rocket. I named mine “Lightening Fast”. I love how my rocket turned out. After everyone in my class made their rocket we had a rocket launch to […]

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Egghead Book Reveiw


In school, my class has been reading “Egghead”. A novel written by Caroline Pignat. It is an award winning book and one of the best books I have read. For the final review project I choose to do a comic strip. The reason I choose this specific artifact is because I love art and I […]

Covid-19 Time Capsule


In this coronavirus time I haven’t been doing much, but I’m doing enough to keep me stimulated. I like to roller blade and go on my trampoline. I love doing tricks like flips, fronthand springs, handstands, cartwheels and so much more. I also like to play with my sister in our backyard. During the day […]

Innovation Day Reflection


Blah blah blah pupils blah blah blah eyes blah blah the eye doctor blah blah blah blah blah depth perception blah blah blah blah blah… I hear this and think to myself why am I letting my parents get away with talking about stuff I don’t know about. When I was a baby if they […]

Mes vacance


Pour les vacances d’hiver, je suis allé au Mexique. Au mexique, ma chambre d’hôtel avait une  terrasse avec un jacuzzi pour huit personnes. J’ai aimé la jacuzzi. J’ai vu un pélican. Je n’ai pas vu la méduse qui m’a piquer, mais je l’ai senti.  Le recours a eu un parc aquatique. J’ai tenu un perroquet. […]

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